Frequently asked questions
What type of connection does SOPRESO require?
Virtually any internet connection can handle the amount of data transfer Sopreso needs. In case you don’t have the widest bandwidth or high-speed internet the only thing it will effect is the speed with which you’ll see the slides appearing. Just to be on the safe side, always check it with the technicians on the spot.
How do I import my slides into SOPRESO?
SOPRESO doesn’t require you to upload your presentation. The only thing you need to do is to run Sopreso on your computer or on the device you’ll use to project your slides in sync with your presentation.
What type of format does SOPRESO accommodate?
We accommodate all types of presentations, no matter which software you used to make your presentation.
It can be a Prezi, ppt, pdf or even keynote, you will be able to use SOPRESO with it.
Are my slides going to be available online right away?
Is it like online streaming?
Your slides are going to be available as soon as you give them the short URL that needs to be typed into their browser’s address bar. It will appear as a presentation, not as a live feed or as an online streaming video about the presentation.
Does my audience need to download anything in order to use SOPRESO?
They don’t need to download anything at all. The only thing they’ll have to do is to type in the short URL that pops up in one of the corners of your slides into their browser’s address bar.
Are my slides going to be available from the beginning of the presentation or even earlier?
The system mirrors real-time activity, so they won’t be able to connect to your slides earlier than beginning of the actual presentation.
How can I best explain SOPRESO to my audience?
You can always introduce SOPRESO in 3 sentences at the beginning of your presentation or you can just distribute flyers around before the event that’ll do that for you.
“SOPRESO is an audience response system that works as an additional communication layer with any presentation format. This enables the audience to raise questions, add comments to individual slides and even rate the entire presentation. The only thing they need to do is to type in the short URL that pops up in one of the corners of your slides into their browser’s address bar.”
What if my slides present confidential information to a specific group of people?
Do I need to worry about security breaches?
Do only people that can access your slides are the ones with the right URL code. Other than that we cannot guarantee the safety of your slides from professional hackers or intruders.
Do the slides remain available on my audience’s smart devices?
The slides will remain available at any time but not directly on their devices but on their mySOPRESO account that can be set up in 2 seconds because it works with any already existing social media accounts as well, so you don’t have to waste time on registration.